Wednesday, January 1, 2014

This Child Support ebook Series is unique. Most other books on child support, give you nothing more than sad stories of interpersonal relationships or  complex laws and legalese. They do not give you real practical assistance. After you read them, you are left wondering how this information can solve my problems. The sad truth is, it can't. However, This ebook series gives you real world solutions based on the experiences of the author, who is a paralegal and a Non-Custodial Parent. There's no sad stories or legalese, no moral or ethical issues, just straight forward practical information you can use now. If you are a non-custodial parent and you do not have this ebook, you have ignored your need for self-preservation.

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This series is written by Thomas Owens, a Non-Custodial Parent who has first-hand experience with the Child Support System. Thomas Owens is a Certified Paralegal who spares the reader of long-drawn-out explanations and histories of laws. He spares the reader of long-drawn-out page fillers, pictures and quotes of inspiration. This is not a ebook for people who want to hear long-drawn-out stories of he said, she said. This is not a ebook for people who want to change the Child Support System. It is a ebook for people who want to understand only; what is important to a Non-Custodial Parent caught-up in the system and who wants to get out of it !